The vision of Inter Outreach Ministries was directed specifically towards bringing healing to those with broken lives and with a focus on the rehabilitation of prostitutes and sex traffic victims. The vision from now is commitment to training others to do the same work.

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Inter Outreach Ministries
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OUR HISTORY 1991 - 2012
In 1991 a group of Christians, with a burden for evangelism, began to reach out on the streets of Cape Town. We were all from different Churches but we all had the same heart and vision, to reach the lost for the Lord. At Christmas, we would do outreaches near the beach in Sea Point with Christian bands and later every Saturday we would do outreach in the City Centre. This lasted for three years.

We did a number of other events then in 1994 Marge started reaching out in Green Point Cape Town where the street prostitutes work.

After running a drop-in center /coffee bar in the area where the street prostitutes work for one year and reaching on the street to them we opened a live-in facility to help them to come out of that lifestyle. We registered in 2000, and then provided the women we were helping with first stage rehabilitation for a period of five years and after that second-stage assistance for a period of four years, in a safe place of healing called, THE BALM OF GILEAD HEALING HOME which was started in 2001.

These were women who had experienced various life circumstances for which they were now seeking inner healing, mostly prostitution with a couple of sex traffic victims.

Some of the issues that those we worked with were:
  • Prostitution
  • Abuse
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Crime/time in jail
  • Dysfunctional and destitute backgrounds
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Single parenting
  • Sex Trafficking

We provided the residential care for the women in a structured healing environment as well as helping with family re-integration and job skills and spiritual discipleship.


This was done in a six month life skills programme with various courses and group sessions, job skills training, assistance in finding employment, as well as personal counselling. Those who completed the six month programme received a certificate.

A number of the women we have worked with are now free from prostitution and living new lives. A few are married with children, have employment and one is even a qualified chef, who in partnership with a donor from the USA, has her own restaurant.

A number of them became Christians during this period as well.

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Marge Ballin became a Christian out of the Hippy Movement in 1969 and eventually became the Director of INTER OUTREACH MINISTRIES, which was established 1991. She has been involved in inner-city missions and community work with the prostitutes and drug abusers since she first became a Christian. She has worked in various places including in the Red Light district in Amsterdam Holland, where she lived for four years and worked as a missionary with prostitutes and heroin addicts. Her involvement in street work, drop-in center and coffee bar work and in working in safe-houses with various types of broken and dysfunctional people, including drug abusers, prostitutes and alcohol abusers has given her lots of grounding for the ministry she now heads up.

Her skills have been increased through her involvement in community development work in the townships with disadvantaged black women teaching them crafts and presenting literacy courses as well as her years of experience working with children of domestic workers and various other children here and overseas.

For many years she has been running support groups with people from dysfunctional backgrounds and abuse as well as counselling them.

While working with YOUTH WITH A MISSION, an International Missionary Organization, for nine years, she traveled to a number of Countries doing missionary work, including Europe, India and Japan as well as some African countries. She also did a six-week tour with a team doing street theater which she did full time for one year in eight States in America while working with YWAM.

Over the past twelve years she has run a home for women coming out of prostitution and drugs which she established, called THE BALM OF GILEAD HEALING HOME. She does training of care givers and awareness on human trafficking called FAAST (Faith Alliance against Slavery and Trafficking) and speaks at various organizations of working with broken people or presenting training on human trafficking. She has also written a training manual for care givers which she sells and is now a training consultant to train and recruit workers into inner city work with prostitutes and sex trafficking victims.

Marge has been married to Albin since 1997 they have no children but Albin has two daughters from a previous marriage. Her husband has always been her biggest supporter in the ministry that she does.

After ten years of running the safe house and as our vision is to mobilize Godís army into frontline ministry as good Samaritanís , we feel it is time to transition from a safe house into training others to also work with these women. We offer training on street ministry, rehabilitation and opening safe houses.

We offer a training school where we provide education for people who want to do any or all of the above and to learn about inner city missions. We offer live-in residency for up to three months for a small fee. There are courses provided during the day. The courses and training are provided both by Inter Outreach, as well as by speakers that we network with from different organizations in the city who do similar work. These trainings are at various locations which will require commuting.

Another part of Inter Outreach ministry is reaching out to the community. Therefore, another requirement of the training is getting involved in hands-on ministry with some of the ministries that we network with.

I want to share a prophecy I heard in a church a number of years ago, it was probably about 1998 or 1999 when I heard it: The person said they saw a person in their vision who heard a strange sound on the ground, and they put their ear to the ground and asked, "Lord what is that sound?" And the Lord said, "It is an army of Samaritans taking the wounded into the healing homes!"

I was so excited when I heard that word because I had a heart for a healing home even then but had not opened one yet, but I do believe that now the Lord is going to lead a lot of people to open homes of healing, and so far I know of three or four that have opened and many more who said they would like to open homes, so it is time for that to happen.

INTER OUTREACH MINISTRIES, as an NPO has now closed.
At the end of 2011 the Non Profit Organization as well as the safe house that was being run to help women out of prostitution was closed and we are thrilled to inform you that The Balm of Gilead Healing home which belonged to Inter Outreach Ministries since 2003 and was used as a safe house was donated to Beth Rapha Ministry which is Christian men's ministry helping men with addiction problems. We are so glad the house that we bought and used for ministry is still being used for ministry purposes and may the Lord bless them in their work.

Marge, the director felt it was time to go into a new chapter for her life and her ministry. After running the safe house for twelve years she felt is was now time to pass on the baton and mentor others to do the same work. She has been providing on going training especially for care givers for three years since 2008. The training she provided was on the following subjects:
  1. How to run a safe house
  2. How to work with prostitutes
  3. How to care for caregivers doing the work
  4. "Hands that Heal" - an international curriculum to train caregivers of trafficking survivors.
  5. Plus she wrote a manual and provided resources to bring awareness about this work and on international sex trafficking.
Marge also felt it was time for an extended rest which was very much needed after years of working in this extremely stressful field. She is now working as a TRAINING CONSULTANT and will be mentoring others to do the work that she has done for over twenty years.

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