The vision of Inter Outreach Ministries was directed specifically towards bringing healing to those with broken lives and with a focus on the rehabilitation of prostitutes and sex traffic victims. The vision from now is commitment to training others to do the same work.

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"From Ashes to Beauty"

I had a prophecy once in church by a man from America, who told me that the Lord was going to restore everything the devil had stolen from me. Having been a prostitute and drug addict for a long time, that was a lot of restoring! I'd lost my children, my dignity and almost my sanity. Being the child of an alcoholic father who died and left my Mon to bring up two kids alone led me to becoming a rebel and I was drawn into the wrong crowd very early in life. My stepfather also sexually abused me. One wrong relationship with a man sent me fleeing to Cape Town having been beaten black and blue by his abuse and needing money straight away with nothing but the clothes on my back I ended up at an escort agency.

I was hooked!
The money was good and I began smoking mandrax. I then had another wrong relationship with a man (I was always looking for love in the wrong places) who soon had me working on the streets to support his habit.

Another wrong relationship after that with a man I married, who I thought would be my Saviour from that lifestyle, turned out to be him dependant on me again and I left him as well.

I fell pregnant by a Japanese and went back to the Japanese clubs looking For the man who had made me this way and was once more caught up in that lifestyle. I ended up having three Japanese children but had to give two up as I was by this stage heavily into Cocaine.

But by the time I was pregnant with the third child. I felt I wanted to keep this baby, as the first two were either adopted or in foster care, so I went to a Christian shelter to have the birth. While I was there I met Marge Ballin for the first time who was called to come and visit me as she was working with prostitutes.

After having my child I named him Jomei, which means "one who brings light", I unfortunately fell through the cracks again after that. Then I met Marge on the streets again in Green point in 2000 where she was reaching out to the women and trying to help them. She spoke to me and finally I ended up in her first ministry house for prostitutes, which she had just opened. I had so many issues from my past and my childhood, that it took a long time for me to finally give my recovery in Christ my all. Marge asked me to leave 8 times as I kept on relapsing onto drugs and especially 'crack'.

In 2005 I came back to the house and the programme that the ministry runs for good and this time really concentrated on my recovery and in growing spiritually.

After finishing the six months programme and being given a certificate, After a lot of prayer and preparation. I was able to get Jomei my son back. He had been living with a merchant (drug dealer) in Woodstock and was now six years old. I was so happy to finally have him back! Things have got better and better as I completed the chefs school and qualified with a distinction. I came first out of 28 students and for the past two years I have been working at a reputable hotel. He also restored the relationship with my mother and sister.

The Lord is giving me so much more than I ever expected. He is faithful! I've really just begun to turn my life around with God's help and the support of people like Marge Ballin and the others in the ministry. I am very grateful because I know I could never have done it without their help and now I know that God has plans for my life!
  Noleen's Graduation

Jer. 29: 11-12 ""For I know the plans I have for you , declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Changed Lives
All of these women who have genuinely received the help we have offered them can now have a future and a hope. Their past has been dealt with, their self worth has been restored and they now have skills to help them to move forward in life. This Ministry, the healing home and the counselling and courses that they received from us is like a bridge over troubled waters for them. They come to us with a wounded child inside, full of problems but with lots of potential just wanting to be encouraged and brought forth and they become healed and mature adults taking hold of life and responsibility. They have blossomed into wholeness through the sunshine of prayer, encouragement and God's transforming love and healing.

Inter Outreach Ministries
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